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Magick's Dark Sister: Act of the Occult 































Here is the Open Call we answered:

Delve deep into mysteries of the occult to bring us special knowledges, untouched by the burning light of the sun. That effervescent gleam in the shadows might be more powerful than anything that boldly self illuminates. (<--We don't know what that means either.) BUT, what we're getting at is: what twisted secrets has your art revealed? We are seeking works in all media: dark, dark, and dark, and traditional, new, performance, tarot, music, dance, installation, etc. Cast your spell soon- submissions due August 26 by the bewitching hour (12am EST); otherwise all we'll get in our inboxes will be pumpkins.

Gang Greenough Gallery

16 Greenough Ave. 

Boston (USA)


from Sept. 18th to Oct. 1st

Opening on the 18th September

Among the artists stella(Stefania Gagliano) e Gabriella Sirignano.

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